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How To Start Your Spiritual Journey And Where To Begin

What is spirituality? What does it mean to embark on a spiritual journey? Of course, these questions can have many different answers, depending on who you ask. But for many people, spirituality is about finding a more profound connection to ourselves, others, and the world around us. It’s abouIt’sploring our innermost thoughts and feelings and growing our understanding of what it means to be alive. If this resonates with you, you’re ready you’re your spiritual journey. But where do you begin?

1. Meditation

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Meditation can be a great way to start your spiritual journey, and there are many types of meditation that you could try. First, there’s the guided meditation, where someone else leads you through breathing exercises or statements about mental calmness. Next, mindfulness mediation involves paying attention on purpose without judgment while performing everyday tasks such as driving home from work (or anything else). Finally, we have self-hypnosis sessions which involve hearing positive affirmations until they become part of your daily life.

2. Journaling


Journaling is a great way to put your thoughts and ideas on paper. You can use it to record what you learn, affirmations, or goals meaningful in life; anything related to manifestation will also find its place here! In addition, journaling helps us stay focused because by writing down these powerful moments from our journey, we can capture them before they slip away again, so take advantage. At the same time, this method lasts – write everything down no matter how small its importance may seem at first glance.

3. Books


I love reading books that helped me on my spiritual journey. It makes life more fulfilling, helps put things into perspective, and makes you feel connected with yourself and everyone else around you! If you are unsure what books to start with, here are a few suggestions:

4. Shadow Work


Shadow work is working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. This can include trauma or aspects about those who are not desirable but still exist deep down inside, often due partly to some formative event(s). Anyone can do shadow work on their own.

If you’re feeling frustration, or fear when working with your shadow side, then know that these emotions can be difficult for some people. But as long as we have self-compassion in mind – which will help us see our flaws more forgivingly–navigating the dark probe of interior exploration becomes much more accessible!

5. Crystals


Healing crystals have been around since the beginning of time and are not going anywhere anytime soon. A part of our earth’s energy in physical form – these pieces can soothe your mind while enhancing positive vibes within you!

Here are a few crystals I recommend starting your journey:

Rose Quartz has been used for centuries in rituals, from manifesting desires to calling in unconditional love.

Clear Quartz is a powerful healing stone that can help you manifest your intentions.

Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals for protection, transformation, and sleep. It can help heal addiction while releasing negative thoughts holding you back from living your best life!

Citrine is a stone that helps you bring more creativity, luck, and energy into your life. It will make it easier for the goals in all areas of your being to be set with ease as they should be because Citrinines’ abundance qualities have already been working hard on this front!

6. Find Your Tribe

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Join a community that will help you become the best version of yourself!
There are so many groups for people to join and find their tribe. Find one in your area, or even on Facebook—you’ll be able to make friends with other members who share similar goals as yours. You may even meet someone wonderful into having an incredible life together. 🙂


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Any journey is bound to have its share of challenges, but don’t be afraid to embrace them. Remember, change is the only constant in life. When you encounter a difficult situation, ask yourself what you can learn from it. With that mindset, you can grow and evolve into your best self. We hope you will continue this incredible journey and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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